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Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors


Children, Seniors and Social Development


At the direction of Cabinet


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The Council provides advice on issues related to older persons and the aging process to the Minister Responsible for Aging and Seniors; since 2016 this has been the Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development (CSSD). The Seniors and Aging Division of CSSD serves as a Secretariat to the Council and supports its meetings and activities.

The Council ensures that the perspective of older adults is reflected in government policy development and in planning for future service delivery. Council’s mandate is to advise and inform government on issues, concerns and needs of older adults. The Council provides a mechanism for older adults to be heard as a strong, collective voice in the development of comprehensive programming to support the independence and well-being of an aging population.

The Council aims to:

  • promote the value and worth of people as they age;
  • foster an environment of understanding within government and the community with regard to aging;
  • identify areas of opportunity within government to develop and/or adapt legislation, policies, programs and services to better support an aging population; and
  • inform government on the potential impacts of legislation, policies, programs, and services on people as they age.


The Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors is comprised of a diverse cross-section of older adults and other stakeholders familiar with older adults’ issues. Council consists of 12 members plus a Chairperson.

Competency Profile:

When selecting potential candidates for appointment to the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors, careful consideration is given to geography, cultural diversity, gender, background, experience and skills. Those who make up this Council have an understanding of issues related to seniors and aging and have typically shown leadership when it comes to seniors and aging issues.


The Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors recognizes the following values to which members can aspire in carrying out their respective roles:

  • Justice: Each member shall abide by rules of equity, equality, fairness and need.
  • Empowerment: Each member provides advice to help government strategically focus work and achieve goals.
  • Accountability: Each member contributes to reporting on achieved results.
  • Confidentiality: Each member manages and protects information appropriately.
  • Collaboration: Each member promotes connectedness, sharing, inclusiveness and trust.
  • Diversity: Each member recognizes and respects the strengths of other members.

Members of the Council meet the following qualifications:

  • demonstrated leadership on seniors and aging issues
  • high ethical standards and integrity
  • an appreciation of the responsibilities to the public
  • flexibility, responsiveness and willingness to consider others’ opinions
  • capable of a wide perspective on issues
  • an ability to listen and work as a team member
  • no direct or indirect conflict of interest
  • strong reasoning skills

Time Commitments:

Members of the Provincial Advisory Council on Aging and Seniors are available to meet three times per year and participate in teleconferences and/or subcommittee meetings as needed. Members are expected to spend additional time to review materials and prepare for Council and Committee meetings. On occasion, members may be required/asked to attend meetings where seniors and aging issues are a focus. Offering a presentation may be a component of their attendance at these external meetings.


Members, and the Chairperson, are appointed for terms of up to three years. Subsection 175(6) of the Corporations Act allows directors to continue to serve until reappointed or replaced.

Vacancy Profile:

The Advisory Council is seeking to fill seven positions.  Expressions of interest are being sought from individuals who possess the background, experience and skill-set identified in the board profile above and who can bring unique perspectives to the table. Consideration will also be given to a variety of demographic factors to ensure the board is representative of the population they serve.

Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Careen, Ms. NoreenMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-06-292020-06-29
Chaulk, Ms. DoreenMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-06-292020-06-29
Handrigan, Ms HelenMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-06-292020-06-29
Oldford, Ms. Linda ChairpersonLieutenant Governor in Council2013-04-252020-06-29
Pardy, Ms. Judy E.MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-06-292020-06-29
Rowsell, Mr. Wayde MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2013-04-252020-06-29

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