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Human Rights Commission


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Section 22 of the Human Rights Act, 2010


Level I


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is responsible for promoting an understanding of, acceptance of, and compliance with the provisions of the Human Rights Act, 2010 (the “Act”). The purpose of the HRC includes: receiving, recording and investigating written complaints that allege a violation of the Act; the promotion of the Act; education and research designed to eliminate discriminatory conduct; and advising and helping individuals, groups, organizations and governments on matters related to human rights.  Additional information is available at http://www.justice.gov.nl.ca/hrc/index.html.


The HRC shall be composed of 3 or more members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall designate one member as chairperson and another as vice-chairperson. The Human Rights Commission is seeking expressions of interest for the position of Chairperson from individuals with the appropriate experience and skill set.

Competency Profile:

Section 22 (3) of the Human Rights Act, 2010 states: “Appointments to the commission shall be made in a manner that ensures that it is composed of members who collectively possess experience with human rights issues and an interest in, and sensitivity to, human rights.”

Those who make up the HRC should collectively possess the following core competencies:

  • Knowledge of human rights issues and legislation;
  • Experience related to human rights work;
  • Ability to think strategically;
  • Experience participating on boards;
  • Effective written and oral communication skills;
  • Enthusiasm for public speaking and public education;
  • Effective media relations skills; and
  • Proficient in the use of computers.


The following qualifications are desirable:

  • A combination of education and experience will be considered;
  • High ethical standards and integrity; and
  • Exceptional verbal, written and listening skills.

Consideration will be given to diverse backgrounds and regional representation to ensure the Commission is reflective of the population it serves.

Time Commitments:

Members of the HRC should be available to meet 3-5 times per year, either in person or by video-conference. Meetings usually last between one half day to 2 days, and are held during regular business hours. Board members may also be expected to spend additional time reviewing materials and preparing for meetings, as well as delivering public information. The Chairperson will be expected to chair all Commission meetings.

The Chairperson should also be available to speak at public events or with the media, promoting the work of the Human Rights Commission and attend meetings and/or teleconferences of the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA), when available.

The Chairperson shall help prepare and approve the Human Rights Commission's annual reports and activity reports with staff support.


A member shall be appointed for a term of 5 years and shall hold office until he or she is reappointed or his or her successor is appointed.

Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Carter, Ms. LaurenMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-08-032023-08-02
Chaisson, Ms. KarenMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-08-032023-08-02
Joshi, Dr. Smita MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2015-09-032020-09-02
Kelly, Ms. MadelynMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-08-032023-08-02
Lundrigan, Mr. VictorMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-08-032023-08-02
Mackay, Ms. KimberleyVice-ChairpersonLieutenant Governor in Council2015-09-032020-09-02
McIsaac, Mr. RayMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2015-09-032020-09-02
Nagarajah, Ms. GobhinaMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-08-032023-08-02
Sheppard, Mr. ChristopherMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2015-09-032020-09-02
White, Ms. JudyChairpersonLieutenant Governor in Council2019-03-072024-03-06

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