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Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Public Complaints Commission Panel of Adjudicators


Justice and Public Safety


Section 29 of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Act, 1992


Level II


The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall, on the recommendation of the minister, appoint a panel of persons to act as adjudicators to conduct hearings into complaints made against police officers. The Act states that hearings are to be conducted without delay giving full opportunity to all parties to present evidence and make representations. It is the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Public Complaints Commission to determine which matters are referred to the adjudicators for hearing.


The panel shall consist of 12 persons, each of whom shall be a lawyer and 1 of them shall be appointed as the chief adjudicator.

Competency Profile:

The following competencies for a Commissioner are preferred:

  • Experience practicing law;
  • Experience in leading administrative tribunals and hearings;
  • Critical, analytical and problem solving skills; and
  • Strong verbal, written, listening and interpersonal skills.


  • Law Degree;
  • High ethical standards and integrity; and
  • Ability to prepare and present comprehensive reports.

Time Commitments:

The time commitment varies depending on the number and complexity of complaints.


A member of the panel shall serve for 3 years during good behaviour and continue in office until reappointed or replaced.

Vacancy Profile:



Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Byrne, Q.C., Ms. Lisa AnneMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Conway, Mr. AndrewMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Critch, Mr. RaymondMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Cullihall, Ms. KellieMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
French, Mr. Gregory A.Chief AdjudicatorLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Hanrahan, Ms. Colleen AnneMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Horwood, Ms. Kimberley R.MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Mackay, Ms. KimberlyMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Mills, Mr. MarkMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-11-202021-11-19
Mills, Q.C., Mr. David A.MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
O'Dea, Q.C., Mr. John V.B.MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11
Wadden, Mr. AndrewMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2017-04-122020-04-11

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