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Livestock Owners Compensation Board


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Section 3 of the Livestock Insurance Act


Level I


Livestock Insurance is a provincial program designed to provide insurance to compensate Newfoundland and Labrador producers for the death or injury of sheep, goats, dairy cattle or beef cattle caused by dogs or other predators.  Producers, who register their animals for insurance prior to April 1 of each year and who pay the insurance premiums, are covered until March 31 in the event any of their animals are killed or severely injured (need to be euthanized) by a predator.


Section 3(2) of the Livestock Insurance Act provides for the membership of the Livestock Owners Compensation Board (LOCB).  The membership of the Board shall consist of not fewer than three and not more than five members to be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council to hold office during pleasure.

Competency Profile:

Those who make up the LOCB should collectively possess the following core competencies:

  • Knowledge of the agricultural industry. 
  • Decision Making
  • Previous Board Experience
  • Farmers with experience in livestock production.
  • Team Player


  • High ethical standards and integrity
  • Appreciation of the responsibilities to the public
  • Flexible, responsive and willing to consider others’ opinions
  • Capable of a wide perspective on issues
  • Ability to listen and work as a team member
  • Strong reasoning skills
  • Knowledge of livestock management and production

Time Commitments:

Members of the LOCB should be available to meet up to two times per year.  Board members may also be expected to spend additional time to review materials and prepare for Board and Committee meetings.  Board members may be asked to participate in conference calls and/or respond to emails in a timely manner.


Four-year terms

Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Dennis, Mr. NathanMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2019-02-012023-02-01
Dixon, Dr. Peggy Federal Government ReprentativeLieutenant Governor in Council2013-04-09
MacDonald, Ms. Cynthia Chairperson, Provincial Government RepresentativeLieutenant Governor in Council2001-09-28
Rideout, Mr. MelvinMemberLieutenant Governor in Council2019-02-012023-02-01
Vice-ChairpersonVice-Chairperson, Provincial Government RepresentativeLieutenant Governor in CouncilNot Applicable

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