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Newfoundland and Labrador Crop Insurance Agency


Fisheries and Land Resources


Section 3 of the Crop Insurance Act


Level I of the Guidelines for Rates of Remuneration for Boards, Commissions and Agencies as set by the Treasury Board: Per diem of $145 for one normal working day or greater and $70 for half a normal working day or less for board members.


The Newfoundland and Labrador Crop Insurance Agency (NLCIA) is a Crown Corporation of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. In March 2013, officials from both the Provincial and Federal governments signed the Growing Forward 2 Framework Agreement. A subsection of this Agreement states the parameters of and allows for the cost-sharing of the Agri-Insurance program. The Agency provides an affordable and effective Agri-Insurance program for vegetable producers and operates within the Crop Insurance Act.

Agri-Insurance is designed as a management tool to provide producers with financial protection for crop loss due to uncontrollable natural perils. The producer's investment is protected against the effects of drought, excessive moisture, wind, frost, hail, snow, wildlife, disease and insects. However, Agri-Insurance does not cover losses due to poor farming practices, negligence or lack of insect, disease or weed control.

The administration cost of the program is jointly funded under the Growing Forward 2 agreement between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the provincial Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Agrifoods on a 60:40 percent basis respectively. The total premium costs are shared between the Federal government, the Provincial government and the producer on a 36:24:40 percent basis respectively.


As per the Crop Insurance Act Section 3(2) "The membership of the Agency shall consist of not less than three and not more than seven members to be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council."

Competency Profile:

Those who make up the NLCIA should collectively possess the following core competencies:

  • Ethics
  • Respect and Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Policy and Planning
  • Public Sector Administration
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Experience
  • Education
  • Financial Expertise/Literacy
  • Related Sector/Industry Knowledge and Experience
  • Decision Making
  • Previous Board Experience
  • Relationship Building
  • Reasoning Skills
  • Team Player


  • Knowledge of crop production (insect, weed, and disease management)
  • High ethical standards and integrity
  • Appreciation of the responsibilities to the public
  • Flexible, responsive and willing to consider others' opinions
  • Capable of a wide perspective on issues
  • Ability to listen and work as a team member
  • No direct or indirect conflict of interest
  • Strong reasoning skills

Time Commitments:

Members of the NLCIA should be available to meet up to two times per year. Agency members may also be expected to spend additional time to review materials and prepare for board and committee meetings. Agency members may be asked to participate in conference calls and/or respond to emails in a timely manner.


As per Section 3(4) of the Crop Insurance Act: "Members of the Agency shall hold office at the pleasure of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council".

Producer members have historically been appointed for a two-year term; however appointments for a five-year term would provide greater continuity and long-term planning.

Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Dennis, Mr. Nathan J.MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-03-052022-03-05
Dixon, Dr. Peggy Federal Government RepresentativeLieutenant Governor in Council2013-04-09
MacDonald, Ms. Cynthia Chairperson, Provincial Government RepresentativeLieutenant Governor in Council2001-09-28
Rideout, Mr. Melvin J.MemberLieutenant Governor in Council2018-03-052022-03-05
Wicks, Mr. Gerald Provincial Government Representative Lieutenant Governor in Council2008-11-05

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