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Provincial Advisory Council on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities


Children, Seniors and Social Development


At the direction of Cabinet


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The Council informs and advises the Minister Responsible for the Status of Persons with Disabilities (Minister Responsible) on disability-related issues. The Disability Policy Office serves as a secretariat to the Council and supports its meetings and activities.

The Council:

  • Brings knowledge and understanding of disability related issues to government
  • Advises government as it develops policies, programs, strategies and recommendations to advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Promotes awareness of barriers faced by persons with disabilities and how to remove and prevent them.

Under the Transparency and Accountability Act, the Advisory Council is a Category 3 Public Body and must submit an annual report to be tabled in the House of Assembly, as well as prepare and submit three-year activity reports. For more information on the role of the Advisory Council, please visit http://www.cssd.gov.nl.ca/disabilities/advisory_council.html


The Advisory Council consists of 12 -18 individuals who provide a balance of primary disability types (cross-disability); who represent nine provincial regions (urban/ rural); age and gender. Following the merit based application process, Advisory Council members are appointed by the Minister Responsible.

Competency Profile:

Members of the Advisory Council collectively possess the core competencies of:

  • Knowledge of barriers experienced by persons with disabilities, including disabilities related to mobility, vision, hearing, Deaf, intellectual, mental health, learning and neurological
  • Knowledge of barrier removal and prevention processes and disability rights
  • Strategic management and organizational change
  • Executive experience


Members of the Advisory Council meet the following qualifications:

  • demonstrated leadership in advancing the inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • personal and/or professional experience with disability
  • flexibility, responsiveness and willingness to consider others’ opinions
  • experience with cross-disability issues and solutions
  • high ethical standards and integrity
  • able to take a wide perspective on issues
  • ability to listen and work as a team

Time Commitments:

Advisory Council members are available to meet in person four times a year for a two-day meeting plus required travel time, as well as to attend conference calls at the call of the Chair and attend other events, engagement sessions and meetings at the request of the Chair.

Members are expected to spend additional time to review materials and other preparations for council meetings.


Advisory Council members follow the merit based application process. After this process, the Minister Responsible will then appoint Advisory Council members for two-year terms and appoints the chairperson for a three year term.

Vacancy Profile:

All current members' terms are set to expire in March 2019. The Advisory Council is looking to fill up to 17 positions.

The following will be considered when reviewing applications:

  1. demonstrated leadership in advancing the inclusion of persons with disabilities;
  2. personal and/or professional experience with a disability;
  3. active in disability rights; and
  4. geographic representation in the following provincial regions: Labrador, St. Anthony-Port Au Choix, Corner Brook-Rocky Harbour, Stephenville-Port Aux Basques, Grand Falls-Windsor-Baie Verte-Harbour Breton, Gander-New Wes-Valley, Clarenville-Bonavista, Burin Peninsula, and the Avalon Peninsula.

Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Corcoran-Jacobs, Ms. Paula MemberMinisterial2014-01-082019-03-15
Gill, Mr. Dennis MemberMinisterial2014-01-082019-03-15
Gillis, Ms PaulaMemberMinisterial2017-03-162019-03-15
Khaladkar, Mr VikasMemberMinisterial2017-03-162019-03-15
Marsh, Ms NicoleMemberMinisterial2017-03-162019-03-15
Moores, Ms. Patricia MemberMinisterial2014-01-082019-03-15
Oldford, Mr. Bruce MemberMinisterial2014-01-082019-03-15
Peach, Mr CyrilMemberMinisterial2017-03-162019-03-15
Piccott, Mr FraserMemberMinisterial2017-03-152019-03-15
Reid, Ms. Nancy MemberMinisterial2014-01-082019-03-15
Roxon, Ms. Katarina MemberMinisterial2014-01-082019-03-15
Ryan, Ms MarieChairpersonMinisterial2017-03-162020-03-16

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